REVIEW / Out There: Omega Edition (PC)


Out There is a unique roguelike title that takes place in space. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Don’t we have FTL: Faster Than Light?” While we do have FTL to help take care of our desire to attempt and survive in the vast universe, Out There brings a couple of new things to the “space-based title” table.


Out There Screenshot


What was once a mobile title has now been re-released by the French developer, Mi-Clos Studio, for the PC, Mac, and Linux operating systems with a plethora of new features and content added. This title was pretty amazing on mobile, but it is even better on a desktop. Beautiful backdrops and an excellent user interface help this port show off its newly-added capabilities with style and comfort for the player. Not to mention it has a soundtrack that I personally adore to its very core from Siddhartha Barnhoorn,  the composer of Antichamber.




Unlike other space-based roguelike titles around, Out There has absolutely no combat. Sounds like a piece of cake, right? Wrong. In fact, I had more difficulty with this title than FTL: Faster Than Light by a long shot. This game is about survival and resource management. A good way to look at this is similar to the Mass Effect 2 galaxy exploring mini-games. Exploration and survival are the two main keys of Out There and this title has them both down in spades.





Another unique feature to Out There is the actual text boxes that will show up showing what the crew is thinking and feeling throughout the journey. They make you feel like your choices in the universe truly do affect your crew members and they are not just mindless drones. The choices you make are always 50/50 from my experience, either you are rewarded or your ship is damaged. I found this to be slightly annoying, but it did make me think twice (sometimes even thrice!) before making a decision.




The design of Out There is well…. really out there. Seriously. No pun intended. This game has a style similar to Hotline Miami and that is not a bad thing. Combined with the ambient soundtrack, this design is almost deceptive in its nature and makes the game so much more fun and tense. Alongside the unique art are the unique alien races. Yep, you meet many races throughout your journeys and some of them are downright strange.




Out There was amazing on mobile and Out There: Omega Edition creates an excellent version that is a great pickup. It’s unique with it’s lack of combat and focus on survival while having such an extremely tense and yet enjoyable journey for the player to experience. The gameplay can get tiresome for a few, but as far as space-based roguelikes go, this is an excellent choice and an extremely worthwhile pickup.


Surviving is Extremely Fun
  • 8/10
    Gameplay - 8/10
  • 8.5/10
    Design - 8.5/10
  • 6/10
    Replayability - 6/10



  • Unique lack of combat brings tension
  • Awesome soundtrack
  • Amazing design direction


  • Gameplay can become stale after multiple completions