The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Remake

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With all of the new games releasing in the next month or so and with the recent blockbusters like Black Ops III and Battlefront still hot off the shelf, it is a little silly for me to be looking forward to a remake that won’t release until March of next year…but that’s just the kind of Zelda fan I am. I loved Twilight Princess the first time I played it on my obsolete GameCube, and I loved it the second time I played it on my obsolete Wii. I also loved it last year when I played through it again on my still obsolete GameCube after playing the remake of Wind Waker on the Wii U.

I just can’t get enough Zelda, and if they put as much love into TP as they did with the HD Wind Waker, fixing things that I didn’t even think were broken, I am sure to be a happy camper. There are some things that can be fixed for sure, but I would be hard pressed to tell you what they might be. Although I liked the game much more on my GameCube than the Wii because the motion controls were not my favorite part of the game.

I don’t expect motion controls in the update of course, but I am sure that they will use the gamepad to interesting results. I think that the gamepad is a brilliant way to use inventory and maps and some games make use of it better than others. I am sure the team behind this game will incorporate fun uses of the gamepad just like the last Zelda HD remake. Hopefully this will give me the Zelda fix that I need before the much-delayed release of the newest installment of the franchise on the Wii U. I will be very disappointed if they push the development cycle farther back and decide to release the game on whatever Nintendo’s next home console will be.

Maybe they will do the same thing with the new Zelda as they did with Twilight Princess and release it on current and next generation consoles. Only time will tell of course, but either way, this TP remake will surely hold me over until the time comes. I am excited to finally see it in true widescreen with upgraded HD graphics. The cell shaded Wind Waker was a perfect fit for an HD upgrade because of the cartoonish look and vibrant colors. It will be interesting to see the muted and darker Twilight Princess adventure with its updated look and sound.

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