Dungeon Defenders II update brings major gameplay changes


The new “Loot & Survive” update forĀ Dungeon Defenders II released today and brought with it changes to a lot of the title’s gameplay features. Many of the changes that this upgrade brought strengthened the game’s RPG elements including changes to Hero and pet development plus the addition of all new game modes.


The upgrade raised the level cap for Heros from level 25 to level 50 and will reward players who reach level 50 with a boost to their entire Hero deck, which can now be expanded with up to four bonus slots unlocked by progressing through the game. In addition to these bonus slots, players will find other rewards coming their way as they progress including skill spheres for upgrading the Hero’s abilities.

Dungeon Defenders II Character Screen

“Loot & Survive” didn’t just bring changes for the Heros, but it also brought some changes for their loyal pets. The pet system is more exciting and adorable than before with pets that now evolve through four stages as they strengthen, gaining new abilities and even occasionally a new appearance in the process. Players can now turn pets into personalized melee machines by rerolling to adjust a pet’s stats.

The update also introduced new levels and difficulty settings into Dungeon Defenders II. Besides a new tutorial mode, the game will feature all new playing modes including Onslaught Mode, Adventure Mode (both unlocked by completing the campaign), and Nightmare Modes I-IV (unlocked by reaching level 40). The game’s campaign mode presents new challenges with the introduction of mini-bosses out to defend the honor of the Old Ones. Players will always have a reason to check in on the world of Etheria with new weekly and monthly challenges in the game.

Dungeon Defenders II Split Screen

Currently, developer Trendy Entertainment offers Dungeon Defenders II in pre-alpha access to only players who purchase a Dungeon Defenders II currency bundle from the Playstation Store for $14.99, &24.99, or $74.99. In addition to access to the game these bundles hold collectibles including gems, accessories, skins, character slots, and more. These currency bundles will be on sale between December 8th and 22nd at 33% off for Playstation Plus members and 25% off for everyone else.

Trendy hopes to one day release Dungeon Defenders II as a free-to-play title for Mac, PC, Linux, and PS4. Explore all of the game’s new features on its website and see a full list of the everything the “Loot & Survive” update brought here. That VideoGame Blog reviewed Dungeon Defenders II almost a year ago, so check it out to get an idea of what we thought of the game before this update!