Final Fantasy VI to suplex trains on Steam next week


Square Enix had some good news today for their FF fans: Final Fantasy VI, either the best or one of the best games in the series, depending on who you ask, will be making its way to Steam next week, on December 16th. Glory day! FFVI is my favorite FF title, so let’s take a look at this classic in all its glory in the following trailer:

DEAR GOD, those sprites are horrific, especially next to Yoshitaka Amano’s gorgeous portraits! So sad.

Anyway, as you might know, FFVI follows the story of Terra Branford, who is quite powerful with magic, though her past is unknown. A large cast of characters awaits the player on this epic journey, whom you can all play as! YAY, OPTIONS!

This modified update of the SNES title features uglier sprites (IMO), tweaked controls, and an optimized ATB battle system that made the original so great. Also, Steam achievements and trading cards have been added, so you can collect meaningless do-dads to show off to your friends!

Final Fantasy VI makes its PC debut next week for £ 10.99 / €14.49 (around $12 U.S. dollars). Eager buyers will be rewarded for buying the title right away, as a 10% discount is included during the first week of launch. More info on FFVI can be found here. Anyone buying? It doesn’t look as good as the SNES version, but I’m sure it still plays well!

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