A warm “sul sul” to the newest Sims 4 expansion pack: Get Together


The newest Sims 4 expansion pack is out today in North America, and the emphasis this time is on bringing Sims together. All together now: awww. While some of us devoted our Sims-playing years to moulding Mortimer Goth into a rich old curmudgeon with only sock puppets for friends, others revelled in raising their Sims to be social butterflies. The newest expansion pack fits the needs of this latter type of Sims gamer.



The new expansion pack, as is standard with Sims games, is filled to the brim with brand new content and interactions through which to customize your Sims’ universe. Not only can your Sims join pre-existing clubs, taking part in activities such as darts and dance-offs, but you can also create your own clubs, should those on offer not fit the skill set/characteristics of your favorite Sim.


Creating your own club is a highly flexible process, which lavishes rewards in response to the amount of work you put in. Practicing your chosen group activities unlocks perks, including being able to upgrade the members’ skills much faster, and further characteristics for the club. More whimsical options are also unlocked through perseverance with your particular club, such as secret handshakes.


However, it is still worth exploring the idiosyncrasies of each ready-made club. The available options span the hoity-toity Upper Crusts, who love nothing more than a spot of fine-dining and comparing Simolean investment schemes, to the Good Timers, who content themselves with necking a pint or twelve alongside a raucous game of darts.



This all seems rather quaint, you say? Well, let me transport you to the setting of Get Together: a “European-inspired” town called Windenburg. It is rather reminiscent of Bavaria and is indeed absolutely beautiful, with rolling hills, quaint thatched building exteriors and a spa resort. The theme is distinctly one of a traditional landscape fully adapted to modern life; you can perhaps see this expansion pack as a counterpart to the more down-to-earth tone of Get to Work.




Since all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, it’d be advisable to get this expansion pack – at the very least, for your Sims’ sakes. It is available now in North America as a digital download via Origin or as a physical copy in stores; it will be released the following day in Europe, for those of us who do not already live in Windenburg.