What to expect from King’s Quest Chapter 2: Rubble Without a Cause


The second instalment of the popular King’s Quest reimagining will be released worldwide on December 16th. Available on PS4, PS3, X-box 1, X-box 360, and Steam, Chapter 2 takes players back to King Graham’s first days on the job. The young King must defend his newly acquired kingdom against a band of goblins who have decided to hold it hostage. Winning back his land will be no easy feat however, as his decisions along the way hold the power to make or break those counting on him.


Players who are late to this reimagining of the 30 year old classic are also able to pick up a free copy of Chapter 1 (A Knight to Remember) on the PS Store if they are PS Plus members throughout December. This 5 chapter journey presents players with an elderly King Graham as he looks back to the trials and tribulations of his reign over Daventry. With his granddaughter at his side, he takes us through his memories of his Kingdom, through untold stories and puzzles, with the timeless spirit of curiosity and wit that won the hearts of players in its original format.