Sparrow Racing League event launched for Destiny gamers


Today marks the beginning of Sparrow Racing League, a new event for every player who owns Destiny: The Taken King. Announced by Activision and Bungie at The PlayStation Experience only three days ago, the event allows players to test their sparrow driving skills against other Guardians in a new competitive multiplayer mode.

Sparrow Racing League features a six-person race where Guardians will race against other Guardians through enemy territory. There will also be a limited timed quest and new gear that will be exclusive to PlayStation fans. The races take place on enemy territory, so players will be dodging enemy fire and maneuvering around and through obstacles during each course.


This is a fun and different sort of challenge for fans of Destiny as it is the first event that revolves around sparrow driving. Players have expressed interest in something like this for some time, so Sparrow Racing League is sure to attract a lot of people who may have finished The Taken King and are looking for new ways to increase their light level and gain more legendary and exotic gear. This is also a not so subtle way to encourage players to purchase The Taken King expansion if they haven’t already. And as a side note from someone who waited until the release of The Taken King expansion to purchase Destiny, I cannot imagine this game was worth playing without it. Sparrow Racing League begins today and will end on December 29, 2015.