Tales from the Borderlands retrospective with cast and crew now available for viewing


Readers! Did you enjoy Telltale’s Tales from the Borderlands, the game where you make choices on the world of Pandora instead of shooting things to death? Want a spoiler-free retrospective on the whole season from the cast and crew of the game? Then this video is for you!

I personally love behind-the-scenes content like this, as it shows off the talent of the people creating our favorite titles who we usually glance over once their names scroll during the end credits.

If you haven’t played Tales from the Borderlands, you can try out the first episode of the five episode season for free on consoles and mobile. Also, from now until December 15th, you can snag the entire season on PS3 or PS4 for $7.50 ($3.75 (!) if you have a PS Plus membership). Savings!

Any TVGB readers picking this up? Also, Troy Baker, stop voicing 90% of every game character in existence.

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