Become big man on campus with the new GTA Online update


The new auto-update for GTA Online on current-generation consoles/PCs (sorry, PS3/Xbox 360 owners) is available now, and it should particularly appeal to those who want to flash the in-game cash. GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals update allows players to take on the role of a VIP flanked by bodyguards, adding new related challenges in the process.




Players with over $1 million in their Maze account will have the option of playing as a VIP, which will allow them to create their own mini-network to conduct the nefarious activities that comes hand-in-hand with playing GTA Online. This is paired with the option of hiring up to 3 Bodyguards; other players may also advertise their thug-for-hire services through SecuroServ, which comes with a tidy pay packet of $5,000 (albeit with profits from off-duty raids being siphoned off to Bodyguards’ employer).

The new Free Mode challenges bundled in with the update range from delivery missions to protecting one of your organisation’s obscenely decked-out super yachts. The huge yachts (with helipads and bartenders, of course) are also a new feature, with mooring options in 12 different spots around Los Santos and Blaine County, should your tastes diverge from standard real estate.




New varieties of Deathmatch-style battle are also available, pitting different organisations against each other. One exciting example of what is on offer is the Market Manipulation game, which is a race to see who can haul the most loot from raiding convenience stores in the locale. Other modes involve seeing who can deliver the highest value of stolen vehicles, and seeing who can survive on a 5-star wanted level for the longest. In terms of the breadth of gameplay options on offer, it certainly helps to be a bigwig – or the crony of a bigwig.

Of course, the life of a baller is an opulent one. As already mentioned, no self-respecting megalomaniac would be caught dead without a private super yacht, and the update provides this. Other new potential acquisitions include 10 new Stilt Houses around Vinewood Hills, and 3 new customizable apartments in Eclipse Towers. Furthermore, new clothing options are on offer, including robes and smoking jackets (to make sure your character really looks the part – this ain’t Saints Row: The Third). New weaponry, such as switchblades, and premium helicopters are also available on installing this update.




Extra additions include a new Adversary mode, in which bodyguards are tasked with protecting their executive from a hit squad after his private jet is taken down, and the ability to use mugshots/character selfies as Social Club Avatars. This is quite an impressive package for a free update, so prepare yourself for a few pleasant additions when you next load your current-gen copy of GTA V.