Check out this unique Fallout 4 care package sent in on Facebook!

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Whoever said romance was dead has clearly never met this Fallout 4 fan’s girlfriend…

Many partners recently became victims to the pre-Christmas video game rush. With the likes of Star Wars Battlefront, Tomb Raider, and Just Cause 3 battling you for your loved one’s attention, one game has caused the most casualties to date: Fallout 4. One player’s girlfriend, however, decided to honour her boyfriend’s love for the award winning apocalyptic world. In a gesture that has the power to turn many players’ heads away from their controllers, back to their loved ones, one of our very own TVGB fans surprised her lucky boyfriend with his very own Fallout 4 crate of goodies.

“I made the package both for finals week and our 3-month anniversary,” she explains to us, “I put in food and supplies I know he likes/eats/uses and stuff that would be handy during studying for finals. He is absolutely obsessed with Fallout but I knew almost nothing about it. I did tons of research online, watching Twitch streams and talking to people in the Fallout Wiki Chat haha.” We believe that’s dedication to the cause which deserves a mention here in the TVGB community.

Placed in a stylish Fallout 4 inspired crate was everything one could unnamedrequire to get through finals week and still maintain that Vault Boy grin. Snacks disguised as in-game items, and other vital consumables were packed into this lovingly designed care package, as well as a t-shirt and an ingeniously constructed grenade decoration.

We asked this magical giver of Fallout Awesomeness what her inspirations for her creation were. Being a “huge crafter” obviously helps in this situation, but the thought behind this masterful creation is truly what makes it special. “I wanted to make it because I was there with him when he first got the game and started playing it and he was just so happy and excited. Combining two of his favorite things, video games and food, I thought was a recipe for success. Plus, I stress eat a lot during finals week so I thought it was perfect timing,” she told us, continuing that, “I also love giving really thoughtful gifts because it shows how much you care about someone and how well you know them. He actually loved it so much he doesn’t want to eat any of the food because he doesn’t want to ruin it.” We don’t blame him.

So here’s to you, Fallout 4 couple, may steel be with you and good luck in your finals! You better ace them with this study kit.