New Challengers Approaching: Cloud, Corrin and Bayonetta!


Greetings to all the Smash fans out there! If you haven’t heard, Nintendo recently revealed the last of the DLC characters coming to Super Smash Bros. Wii U & 3DS.



The first is Cloud Strife! He’s a mercenary, ex-member of SOLDIER and the protagonist of legendary RPG, Final Fantasy VII.


Final Fantasy VIIcame out back in 1997 on the original Playstation. This year at E3 2015, Square Enix announced they were remaking the game for the Playstation 4!  Until that remake happens however, you can enjoy playing as Cloud in glorious HD in Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U & 3DS. Cloud joins the battle armed with his signature Buster Sword and limit breaks from FFVII. Epic.




This character is rather unique. He (or She) is the protagonist in Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest and Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright.

Conquest and Birthright are tactical rpgs for the 3DS that each tell a different side of the same conflict.  The main character’s name is Corrin and in the same fashion as Robin in Smash, can be either male or female.


If you want to experience Corrin, fight with his wicked looking chainsaw blade and shapeshift into a friggin’ DRAGON, your only option for now is Super Smash Bros. Wii U & 3DS. Corrin’s debut game Fire Emblem Fates won’t be hitting North American shores until February 19, 2016.




When the third challenger was revealed, many gamers watching Nintendo Direct yesterday got excited, including myself. It was the Umbra Witch, Bayonetta!

If you’ve never played a Bayonetta game before, you need too. Armed with her rather unique dark magic and Bullet Arts, Bayonetta fights off hordes of angels (among other things) in an attempt to learn more about her past and rescue those she cares for.

Utilizing a combat system reminiscent of Devil May Cry, Bayonetta ends up being one hell of a game. Literally. Pick it up if you can.

Bayonetta came with some unfortunate news however…but doesn’t she always? In yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, it was announced that Bayonetta will be the FINAL downloadable character in Super Smash Bros. Wii U & 3DS. While Nintendo did end up giving players seven additional characters in Smash for the Wii U & 3DS, it’s still sad to know there won’t be anymore…I may never get to see King K. Rool…sigh.

Check out Bayonetta in action in her reveal trailer below! She appears to be a very solid, well-rounded character. Her “Witch Time” magic in particular looks incredibly useful…or annoying. Depends on what team you’re on, I guess.



Along with these characters, three new stages were also shown, as well as new Mii Fighter skins. The stages are actually shown in each trailer above as they are based around their respective character’s game world. I personally think Cloud’s FFVII stage wins the internet.

The new Mii Fighter costumes are pretty legit as well. Players will now be able to dress-up their Mii Fighters as Tails or Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog! Win.

To learn more, watch the Nintendo Direct Super Smash Bros. Final Video Presentation. You can also visit the official Super Smash Bros. DLC info page.

And remember kids…SETTLE IT IN SMASH! Happy Holidays.