AGDQ raises a staggering $1.2 million for charity


Last week saw some of the world’s best speedrunners descend on Washington for the bi-annual Awesome Games Done Quick charity drive, where multiple games are completed at breakneck speeds in an effort to raise lots of cash for a worthy cause, which this time around is the Prevent Cancer Foundation.


Mirror’s Edge, Shovel Knight, Diablo, Final Fantasy VI,  Splatoon, Super Metroid, Bloodborne, Mario Kart and many other games were blitzed live on Twitch, interspersed with wacky challenges (such as a blindfold run on Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out) whilst audiences the world over eagerly opened their wallets to donate.

When the dust settled, the final total stood at a little over $1.2 million dollars, a wonderfully impressive amount of money which is testament to the generosity of videogame fans everywhere.


The next Games Done Quick marathon will be held, as usual, this Summer. Until then, the archived speedruns from last week can be found here.

Well done to everybody involved, both on-camera and behind the scenes. This is the kind of videogame news that is an absolute pleasure to read about.