Predictions of a bright year ahead for competitive gaming


There is no doubt that competitive gaming or eSports has seen a huge rise in popularity on a global basis. Many young people are taking part in this type of gaming with some making a lot of money from it. Many others enjoy watching competitive gaming either online or even in person at a live tournament. People can now even take bets on eSports such as CSGO betting on sites such as Betway, which means that even fans who do not actively take part could make some money from their interest in competitive gaming.

A recent report that was published in the International Business Times looked at the increased popularity of this particular gaming sector, suggesting that it is no longer just a trend but has become an enterprise. The report also predicted that the competitive gaming industry was going to enjoy a bright year in 2016 with more and more people becoming interested in either participating or watching.


Enhancements could result in a surge in popularity

There have already been reports released that shows how quickly the eSports industry has been growing. Another report in the Los Angeles Times indicated that enhancements such as the way in which type of gaming is presented to bigger audiences could help to further cement its success. It has also been suggested that this year could see huge endorsement deals in the world of eSports.

More and more people are now heading to online bookie sites such as Betway in order to place bets on eSports. The site offers access to popular eSports such as CSGO betting, Dota 2 and League of Legends amongst others. For fans of competitive gaming, this access to eSports betting has provided enhanced ease and convenience.

Not only are the figures looking good for the eSports sector for this year, but analysis in a report from Newzoo suggested that this success will continue into 2017. It is predicted that revenues from competitive gaming could double next year, and this is said to be based on conservative figures. There has already been a lot of investment into eSports from major companies such as Coca Cola as well as Red Bull.

The prize pool for many tournaments is now very impressive, with more and more tournaments having total prize money of $1 million. Again, this will help to pique the interest of those who want to get involved in competitive gaming with the chance to win big money.