5 items for your gaming room


Thanks to the rise of online multiplayers and esports, the very essence of shared gaming has meant that more and more gamers are getting together on a social level to enjoy their favorite virtual action together. This doesn’t mean that lone gaming isn’t still as strong as ever. It’s a chance to lock yourself away and immerse yourself as fully as possible into the game in question and by creating your perfect games room or man/girl cave you can enhance that experience even further.

Peregrine Glove


The Peregrine glove is ideal for those who love gesture control. By programming the glove with preset controls you can ditch the controller, mouse or joystick and quite physically interact with the game you’re playing but manipulating the action with up to 30 various finger and hand actions. It comes complete with 3 activator pads and a massive 18 touch points.


PC gaming has made a significant comeback in recent years and this has meant some pretty impressive gear coming our way. Take the Etekcity’s Scroll X1 high performance mouse for example, the perfect accompaniment to your PC gaming setup right from the get go. It allows you to take better control of the game you’re playing with programmable buttons and fits comfortably in your hand thanks to its ergonomic design.


If you don’t consider your TV or monitor are doing a good enough job then you could always project your gaming session to ensure you get the biggest view of all the action. The Optoma PT105 works at a bright 75 lumens and can work with most major PC’s and console setups and it can expand your playing display to a massive 60-inch display from just a few feet away. So if you’re playing the latest real money online slots at Red Flush Casino you’ll feel like you’re actually there.

Optomo sound


To audibly immerse yourself further into the gameplay you might want to consider picking up a pair of this quality headset. It’s one of the best around and thanks to its sturdy design they’ll last you a long time. The cross-platform wireless headset provides the player with an incredible 3D gaming audio experience without having to disturb others around you.


If its gadgets and cool gaming stuff you’re looking for in order to put the finishing touches to your new gaming lair then you won’t be short of a few options thanks to the increase in demand for retro gaming gear and merchandise. But for more of a high-end finishing touch you might want to consider a vending machine. Help bring back memories of those lost afternoons down the local arcade smashing them buttons and waggling that joystick by adding in a fully stocked vending machine filled with drinks and sugary treats to help keep you sharp during those long marathon gaming sessions.