You can now unleash your inner predator in Far Cry Primal

Far Cry Primal - Available Now

The wait is finally over…


Ubisoft’s tribal-themed Far Cry Primal has been launched as of today, February 23rd, on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. The title is highly-anticipated by the gaming community for its story, raw gameplay, as well as its rather harsh, prehistoric Stone Age setting – bringing a fresh gaming experience to the table. The brand new Far Cry chapter shall be available for all Windows PC gamers to sink their teeth into on March 1st.




In the open world Far Cry Primal, you play as Takkar, the last man standing in his tribe. Your aim is to gradually become less of a prey, and more of a predator. You will set out to track down and rescue any remaining fellow Wenja tribe members. As the Beast Master, you’ll be able to tame wolves, jaguars, sabertooth tigers, owls, badgers, and more wild beasts to be at your side during combat, for both attacking and distracting enemies. Taming beasts will also come in handy during Mammoth-hunting missions. All the hunting, weapon-crafting, and taming builds up to Takkar emerging victoriously from all threats of Oros.



For more deets on Far Cry Primal, check out their official website.