Skylanders teams up with Autism Speaks to raise awareness



In honor of Autism Awareness Month in April, Activision has teamed up with Autism Speaks to release a number of special Skylanders Superchargers figures. In connection with Autism Speaks’s “Light It Up Blue” campaign, “Power Blue” versions of fan favorite character Trigger Happy and newcomer Splat have been made available in the organization’s official colors of blue and white. Their vehicles, the Gold Rusher and Splatter Splasher, will also be available in this color scheme. Both the characters and vehicles will appear in these colors in-game as well.


Activision has also announced a number of initiatives to support autism awareness, including employee education and an employee donation matching program. Activision’s Josh Taub said that “Since the debut of the franchise, we’ve heard from parents that Skylanders plays a special role in the lives of their kids on the autism spectrum.” I can certainly relate to that.
The Power Blue characters and vehicles are available now in the United States and Europe, and will be released in Canada on April 1st. At the moment there are no details available on pricing. Either way, you will need a copy of Skylanders Superchargers to use them; the game’s Starter Pack retails for about $60, and the digital edition (which requires the previous game’s “portal”) sells for $49.99. If you don’t have the game yet, you might want to check out our review.