Monster Hunter Generations announced for Nintendo 3DS


As someone who fairly recently returned from their first trip to Japan, I must say I was very interested to find out that Monster Hunter X – sorry, Monster Hunter Generations, was being brought to western audiences! I couldn’t go a day without getting at least 10 streetpasses (out of the 20+ streetpasses I was getting generally – seriously, salarymen love their DS games) from people that were playing Monster Hunter X. Not to mention all the gear – it looked so fun! Why on earth hadn’t we gotten it yet? I’ve never been someone who’s played Monster Hunter games due to simple lack of exposure to the series, but from what I saw all over Japan, my interest is certainly piqued.


Hey bro, got any pink puzzle pieces?

For those who haven’t been hungrily gnashing their teeth while waiting for this kind of announcement, Monster Hunter X/Monster Hunter Generations is a Nintendo 3DS game developed by Capcom. It was released in Japan back in November 2015 as Monster Hunter X and has today been slated for a Summer 2016 North American release under the title Monster Hunter Generations.

In this game, customisation has been kicked up a few notches. Players will be able to use new special moves for each of the weapon types called Hunting Arts and will be given four new Hunting Styles – Guild Style, Aerial Style, Bushido Style and Striker Style.

Monster Hunter Generations will also offer a blend of new areas and monsters together with fan-favourites which have been updated and adapted to the new generation of gameplay.

Despite being a total Monster Hunter novice, I think I’ll be sinking my teeth into Monster Hunter Generations when it’s made available over here in the dry, insidious and aggressive wasteland I call home.