New post-release content plans announced for Tom Clancy’s The Division


With the release date of Tom Clancy’s The Division quickly approaching on March 8th, developer Ubisoft has announced their plans for new content that will be released throughout the year, designed to keep us playing long after the game is released. In addition, players will have access to new Dark Zone events, along with daily and weekly missions.

Two scheduled updates that will beĀ free of charge to players will offer new and exciting features. Starting in April, the first update will give us the first incursion that was designed exclusively for playing on a squad. You will be able to work together with your team fighting enemies and unlocking new equipment and weapons. You will also have access to a brand new feature, loot trading, which will allow trading equipment that you collect with your teammates. The second update will be released in May, which will give us another new incursion set in the Columbus Circle, and adds new features to the Dark Zone.


The Division3


Players will have access to purchasing three separate expansions that Ubisoft will release throughout the year. These expansions will be available for players who purchase the Seasons Pass, Gold Edition, and Collector’s Edition of the game. Each expansion will give us new equipment, new gameplay, and new content.

In June, Tom Clancy’s The Division Expansion I: Underground will be released. With your team of up to four total players, you will run through New York City’s subways and underground in chase of enemies.

Later this summer, Expansion II: Survival will give us scavenging opportunities in new and dangerous surroundings.

In the winter, Expansion III: Last Stand will test your squad’s resolve and defense againstĀ an unforgiving enemy.
The Division2


Tom Clancy’s The Division is set for release on March 8th.