5 of my most anticipated releases of 2016


Now that school and work are winding down a bit and I am starting to have a little more time to myself, I have decided to dedicate more to my writing. And because I am somewhat new around here at That VideoGame Blog , I wanted to present an article that would help readers get an idea of who I am as a gamer and as a writer. As played out as these sort of articles are, I think they do manage to do a great job delivering in those regards.

Before getting started, though, I would like to preface with a couple of conditions. The first being that, as a general rule, sequels to games I have yet to complete will not be included. So despite how incredibly excited I am for Uncharted 4, unfortunately Drake’s Deception remains uncompleted on my bookcase. Including it would feel almost dirty because of that. The next thing is that, although I am absolutely dying to get my hands on The Division, it releases in just a couple of days. Seeing that on this list would be a waste, don’t you think?

Now, let’s get to the good stuff!


From start to finish, the initial reveal trailer at E3 2015 had my complete attention. The sci-fi elements and setting are things I typically find myself getting invested in, and the designs and personalities of the voiceless characters left me needing more. And Keiji Inafune’s direct involvement goes a long way if you’re a fan of his. Sign me up.

The recent announcement that it’s going to be released on the PC, too, left me feeling pretty jazzed as well since I’m primarily a PC gamer. So there’s that.

Horizon Zero Dawn 

I am excited for Horizon for many of the same reasons I am excited for ReCore; the interesting sci-fi angle and the characters we’ve been presented. But with Horizon, we’ve actually been given a glimpse of the gameplay, and it is spectacular.

The whole idea that civilization advanced so far that the only direction man could go is down is just so conceptually fascinating to me. Toss in some RPG elements and robotic dinosaur hybrids and you’ve got yourself a potential Game of the Year candidate.

I am also excited to see Guerilla do something other than Killzone. Don’t get me wrong. I love the franchise, but it feels like a waste of talent to restrict those guys to Killzone forever. Do not stagnate their capability.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Although there is a chance Wildlands might miss 2016 I wanted to include it, anyway. There has not been much talk about it since the reveal and that is strange to me since it looks superb.

Something about the Ghost Recon games that have stood out to me over your everyday military shooters remains the amount of options you’re given. The trailer does a great job giving examples of these with the stealth, precision, and straight balls-to-the-walls, guns blazing action sequences.

I also prefer the smaller, more personal squad-based gameplay that forces you to work in unison with your teammates rather than the soulless one-man force of nature complex a lot of these games often present.

Planet Coaster

There is something to be said for a developer that is completely open and upfront with their community. That is exactly how Frontier has been handling Planet Coaster. They have done everything from livestreams to Q&As to dev diaries, and it really shows their dedication to making a quality product.

Even better is that the game really does look stunning, both graphically and gameplay-wise. They have seemingly granted players so much freedom and so much content that, without a doubt, this will be the theme park simulator to play this year.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Let me just say that I do not blindly buy games very often, but I did so with Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition, and wow, was that a damn fine decision. In a generation where couch co-op is dying, Divinity was a much needed and welcome addition to my PS4 library.  The world was rich and full of life, contained hundreds of hours worth of content, and presented wonderfully funny characters. The writing was much better than your typical RPG and witty enough to keep me laughing throughout. The combat system, as well, was profound and felt meaningful for the game.

The sequel promises to expand on virtually every aspect of the original and I could not be more excited. Please, do yourself a favor and play the original in preparation for this one.