REVIEW / Loot Crate (February 2016)


Not that there are that many things they can use to begin with, but it seems like Loot Crate has been reusing themes pretty regularly for quite a while. We had Heroes 2 and Villains 2 a while back, but then they started just barely changing the names of themes they used before. For February, though, they at least approached the theme in a different way.




February’s theme was “Dead,” which was meant to evoke Deadpool and The Walking Dead. One of those things I know more from the comics, and the other I mostly know from other media. One thing I do know is that these are the only two media properties that Loot Crate told us ahead of time would be involved. With all of that out of the way, let’s check out the items.

Deadpool Q-Figure



Ah, collectible vinyl figures. They’re always a hit for me. This one is a very high quality depiction of Deadpool getting pushed forward by a huge explosion. It’s made by the same company as the Batman figure in the Heroes 2 crate, but in a somewhat different super-deformed style. I don’t love this style, as it makes Deadpool look like a kid in a Deadpool costume, but the design grew on me. It’s a great pose, and while the explosion is bigger than the character, at least it’s a cool looking explosion. And again, the figure is very solid and made of high quality materials. For what it’s worth, these figures usually sell for $15-$20 by themselves, so it’s already a good deal. I am disappointed that it doesn’t come with a whiteboard speech bubble like the Batman one did, given that this is Deadpool, but what can you do? Incidentally, there’s an X-Force color variant that some lucky people got, though I prefer the normal version myself.


Deadpool T-shirt


What makes this shirt interesting is that it’s not a pop culture mash up or an unusual design; it’s just a pretty typical Deadpool shirt. Not that that’s a bad thing; sometimes simplicity is nice, and it’s very easy to overdo it with Deadpool. This design features him hanging upside down and saying, “Tacos?!” I might have had him saying something more substantial, but I’m glad there is a speech bubble on the shirt. Deadpool should always have those, and it helps the shirt stand out a bit. Maybe it isn’t the most interesting design for a shirt, but it does the job for Deadpool fans.


Walking Dead figure


What we have here is a blind bag featuring one of three exclusive Walking Dead figures. The characters available are Rick, Daryl, and a zombie. The figures are fairly small, just a bit bigger than a Mega Blocks figure, and the design just doesn’t appeal to me. Based on the show (which I don’t watch), they feature realistic details, but with big heads and small bodies. It really doesn’t look right to me. They aren’t bad figures by any means; they’re made by McFarland Toys and the quality is pretty good. I even have mine displayed on a shelf. But even if I was a fan of the show, I’m not sure this style would appeal to me all that much.


Walking Dead Soap on a Rope


And then we have…this. I’m pretty sure not even fans of the show would be interested in this item. It’s a replica of Darryl’s zombie ear necklace, with the ears being made of soap. First of all, the idea of it is gross, which makes it less than ideal for cleaning. Second, who’s actually going to use four small bars of soap tied together on a rope? And third, who thought soap would be a good thing to include in a box of geeky items? I just don’t see this item appealing to anybody, and given the reactions I’ve seen from others, I’m not alone. It is an exclusive, so I guess it has that going for it, but what a disappointing inclusion. Fortunately, the two Deadpool items are so good, and such a good value, that I’m willing to excuse this lack of judgment on Loot Crate’s part. But seriously guys, don’t do that again.


Zombie Pin


I can’t say I like this design as much as last month’s pin, but I still appreciate that they’re doing interesting pins now. The color scheme keeps them cohesive, but I like that they’re doing a variety of designs. Having said that, this design is not my favorite; I’ve never been big on zombies. So maybe I won’t display it as proudly as the other one, but I’ll still take this over the old pins.


The Walking Dead: Road to Survival Carl Character


Our digital item this month is either a really nice value or a total waste depending on your preferences, but it’s still infinitely better than what we got last month. The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is a free to play mobile game, and this lets you play as young survivor Carl Grimes. It’s reported to be a $10 value, so that’s quite nice if you enjoy the game. Personally, I’m not particularly interested, but maybe someone I know will be interested. That’s more than I can say for the soap at least.

So, if we look at this crate objectively, it’s actually overall a very good one. The two Deadpool items are top notch, and easily one of the nicest figures and one of the nicest shirts Loot Crate has given us. And, while it doesn’t appeal to me personally, I can see the value in the Walking Dead figure. The pin, while not as good as last month’s, is still a masterpiece compared to the old Loot Crate pins, and the digital item has some value at least. It’s just the soap that really doesn’t make any sense. Value-wise, the Deadpool figure would go for around $20, a similar Deadpool t-shirt sells for at least $15, and the non-exclusive versions of those Walking Dead figures sell for $6. Combined with the $10 value of the digital item, that’s an approximate value of $52, plus whatever the soap is worth. So that actually exceeds Loot Crate’s estimated value of $45, which is why I can forgive the soap.




This month’s theme is Versus, capitalizing on the release of Batman v. Superman. In addition to an item related to that movie, there will be items from Marvel, Alien vs. Predator, and Star Trek. Not being a fan of AvP or Star Trek, or Batman for that matter, I can’t say I’m anxiously awaiting this one. I’ll also be interested to see what the first month of Loot Crate’s video game-only spinoff will look like. I may end up switching my subscription to that one, in which case you’ll start seeing different reviews here, of course. Smuggler’s Bounty also returns this month, so expect some Star Wars goodness as well. In any case, if you want to subscribe to Loot Crate the base subscription costs $19.95 per month with shipping, though other plans and “Level Up” bundles are available too.