Blue Angelo PC Kickstarter announced


Who among you remembers the GP32 console?

Me either, but that’s because most of us probably weren’t in South Korea around 2001. The GP32 was pretty similar to the original Game Boy Advance and only had about 28 commercial game releases, one of which was Blue Angelo, developed by Virtual Spaghetti and published by Shibuya International in 2004. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Blue Angelo, it is a sci-fi fantasy action RPG that focuses on the story of a genetically engineered creature which is able to eliminate all forms of demons.



“I asked for a spiffier castle since we were getting remade anyway.”


So here we are in 2016 and Belgian Studio Vetasoft has taken it upon themselves to bring Blue Angelo back to life! Apparently the game was quite well received in South Korea when it was released on the GP32, and they’re hoping it will be quite popular when re-released on Steam!

They’ve started up a Kickstarter and released two trailers:




As you can see, the game will focus on keeping the 2D aesthetic while drastically improving graphics, enemies, and battle gameplay! The Kickstarter page has some impressive comparison pictures, too. With enough funding, Vetasoft hopes to expand past a PC release if contributors are generous enough. Feel like kicking some demon ass in 2D? Check out the trailers and Kickstarter page to find out more!