Green Game: TimeSwapper release announced


iFun4All has announced that the release date for its 2D steampunk-styled arcade game, Green Game: TimeSwapper, is set for an April 4th, 2016 release date.

The game, which serves as a sequel to the somewhat ironically named Red Game Without a Great Name, sees the player manipulating the fabric of space and time in order to safely ferry a perpetually-moving bird around the many intricate levels. Boasting some 50 different stages (each with multiple completion possibilities), the added threat of a variety of traps, as well as a host of power-ups and a soul-jazz soundtrack to die for, Green Game: TimeSwapper is set to be the most unicoloured touch game to date.


iFun4All’s Green Game:TimeSwapper is coming soon to PS Vita, iOS, Apple TV, PC, Mac and Linux.