Plants vs Zombies Heroes brings the stand-off back to mobile in a new form


What began as a tower-defense standoff between a humble garden and a horde of living dead for mobile has become a franchise that continues to prove its versatility and appeal. PopCap Games sprouted triumphantly into the shooter genre with Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare and, more recently, Garden Warfare 2. Today Brian Lindley, senior producer at PopCap Games, announced Plants vs Zombies Heroes, the franchise’s debut title into the increasingly popular mobile card game genre.

Along with digging roots into a new genre of gaming, Plants vs Zombies Heroes introduces new features to the franchise. The cast of characters grows yet again as it will now feature Super Hero Plants and Zombies such as The Green Shadow and the Zombie Imp Hero each with unique powers to offer an all new edge as players face off in real-time multiplayer battles against friends or online foes. For the first time on mobile, Plants vs Zombies Heroes offers players the chance to play as either plant or zombie.

Plants vs Zombies Heroes is currently only available for mobile devices in Brazil, Romania, and New Zealand but will soon crop up worldwide. To keep up with the game’s development and further release, keep an eye on the official website.