Upwards, Lonely Robot Steam lifts off


New puzzle platformer, Upwards, Lonely Robot, has hit Steam for PC, boasting an impressive gameplay trailer alongside its release.

Kasedo Games and Random Layers bring you an emotional story of a young robot who has fallen victim to an experiment gone wrong. Your task is to see him soar to the top of each tower he is presented with in order to reconnect with the scientists responsible. Climbing these towers is no mean feat however; the gameplay trailer reveals not only a glimpse at the apparent scale of the towers, but also a demonstration of the dynamic obstacles that stand in your way. Fighting enemies, traps, and special platforms, you must use your extra abilities and sharp mind to traverse these vertical cylinder levels. Add a countdown timer into the mix and the pressure is on. The title offers both online and local split screen multiplayer, with leaderboards for both to help you track just who is the reigning master of Upwards, Lonely Robot, and who to beat to get to the top. The gameplay trailer also opens with a promise of the ability to customise your own towers, which can hopefully (though not confirmed in the trailer or release info) be shared online as a challenge for other players.

Upwards, Lonely Robot is available now on Steam for PC for $9.99, £7.99.