Book of Demons revealed


The independent games studio Thing Trunk has revealed today the latest game to be included in their Return 2 Games series, entitled Book of Demons. The series comprises 7 games, of varying themes, each designed to nod to a classic 90’s title in a notably dignified fashion. ‘R2G’ aims to appeal to mid-core gamers who simply do not have the time to fill their daily quota of RPG mayhem (I can fairly safely say that I do not belong in this category – I have far too much free time).

Book of Demons is a classic hack-and-slash style RPG that takes its players deep beneath the Cathedral, into dungeons swarming with minions of the Archdemon quite literally hell-bent on bringing abject misery to the inhabitants of the Paperverse. The standard system of equipment and skills has had an overhaul, with the developers instead opting for a card system that allows for up to 3 different attributes or weapons to be selected for use in combat; what is most unique about Book of Demons, however, is the use of a Flexiscope mechanism that allows the player to alter the length of each quest and will remember their choices to provide accessible stages that can be played in 5 minutes or 50.

As the name (subtly) suggests, the game is presented in a detailed paper cut-out style, with each dungeon randomly generated to provide a new set of beasties for your slaughtering pleasure every time you enter. With 4 levels of difficulty – the highest, ‘Massacre,’ rather speaking for itself – and 3 unique heroes to choose from, it is entirely possible to finish the main plot and just carry on hacking and slashing. Check out the trailer below for a closer look at some gameplay:

The team at Thing Trunk have stated that Book of Demons will be released later this year for Steam on PC, but remain thoroughly schtum about the other 6 titles that are scheduled for development. However, an open beta is currently available for those die-hard fans who fondly remember the 90’s gaming era through a haze of pixelated nostalgia.

Book Of Demons, the first in a series of 7 titles under the name Return 2 Games, is coming soon for PC.