Fallout 4 1.04 console patch now live


Bethesda are a shady bunch, it must be said, and so when I woke up on Friday morning to a shiny new Fallout 4 update it is no cliché to say that I could not believe my bleary eyes. The 1.04 patch has been available for PC users since the 29th of last month, and console gamers have been on the edge of their seats ever since: for me, as for many, many other avid Fallout fans, this update marks the beginning of a descent into utter DLC chaos. But we’ll save that for later this month. For the time being, let’s just highlight what exactly the patch entails, from the horse’s mouth:


Tons of bug fixes, then, as per usual, but with the added bonus of some freebies for use in your steadily blossoming settlements. The update will pave the way for the first of the three preliminary DLC bundles from Bethesda – that’s Automatron – which is due to arrive at some point toward the end of this month (although it’s anyone’s guess at this point). But in the mean time, be sure to check out the new stuff: the additions are noticeable and substantial enough that you’ll be filling The Castle with shopping trolleys in no time.