New Total War: WARHAMMER trailer has arrived!


As the launch date for Total War: WARHAMMER (May 24th) inches it’s way closer, SEGA has released a new trailer featuring, for the first time, in-engine footage of the game’s fourth and final playable class: the Vampire Counts.

Total War: WARHAMMER is a fantasy, turn-based strategy game based on the table top of the same name where your goals are simple: conquer. You play as the leader of either the Greenskins, Dwarfs, Empire, and, now, the Vampire Counts trying to take over the “old world.” The Vampire Counts is made of legions of the undead including but not limited to “Grave Guards, Skeletons, colossal aberrations and bat-winged beasts” and the occasional, rideable zombie dragon. Sworn to their creator, Mannfred von Carstein and “Vampire Counts’ most cunning son” they are an unstoppable force as Mannfred von Carstein only adds to his forces as he bring their foes back from the dead as canon fodder (probably one of the coolest moments from the cinematic trailer).

To see more of Total War: WARHAMMER and the Vampire Counts, SEGA will be live streaming today only (3/15/16) on Twitch at 6pm PDT/1am GTM. Click here for the link. And check out the trailer for yourself down below and tell us what you think. Excited?