Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards enters Steam Greenlight


After four years and over 1 million online games, Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards hopes to expand its audience by entering Steam Greenlight today. Developer Kyy Games hope that the new platform, along with redesigned graphics for PC, will draw new players to the Cabals community.

Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards

Cabals combines strategic and tactical gameplay by integrating central deck-building elements onto a 5×5 game board. Supporting the variety of playing cards is a rich lore that draws players into a fantasy world that energizes every unique match that players take part in.

Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards

Since its release, Cabals has been available for mobile or online play, but improved features mean that the title will fit right into any Steam library. Redesigned graphics for PC allow the player to appreciate the art of Cabals and gameplay improvements focus on providing more intuitive battles.

For more information on Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards, or if you already know this game is for you, head over to the game’s page on Steam Greenlight or the game’s official website.