Kickstarter for Wrath of the Abyss


Indie developer Adam Smith’s magical 2.5D dungeon crawler is currently in the works. The result of mostly single handed creation, this riveting top-down platformer’s graphics and gameplay are staggering.

Wrath of the Abyss tells the story of an insane archmage named Lutis, who, in a drunken mess of slurred and vulgar spells, caused the realm of the Abyss to vanish from known existence without a trace. Locked away for thousands of years, this dark plane became overrun with horrific demonic entities that safeguard a massive subterranean treasure accumulated over the centuries.

Now that a portal to this lost realm has been discovered, the protagonists can fulfill their dreams of glory and fortune with the treasure hidden within the bowels of the underworld. But can they survive the Abyss and the horrors within it? Or will they be swallowed whole by its savage darkness? Back this mystical dungeon crawler and find out.

Check out the trailer to this stellar indie developed project below and click the ‘K’ in the top left corner to open the Kickstarter.

If fully backed, we can expect to see this title on Steam this fall for Mac and PC.