Two new contracts for Hitman released


IO Interactive have delivered on their promise of post-release content, providing us with two new Escalation Contracts for Hitman. From donning the charming vampire magician design, to tip-toeing through delicately deadly tripwire lasers, the extra content will challenge even the sneakiest of players. Each mission is a one-shot deal, with no saves before the end, and add to that the increase in security cameras, targets, and exit point limitations, the additional content is shaping up to be a great improvement on the buggy initial release.

“The Holmwood Disturbance” sees you masquerading as the aforementioned vampire magician in order to take out Faustin D’Aoust. As we’ve seen before, an additional target has been added, and you only have one exit in this Parisian assignment.

“The Mandelbulb Requiem” uses a different dressing up box. The Palace Staff disguise will need to be attained to eliminate your target, Michel Charest. Lance Artois also needs dealing with, in a whole other specific disguise, and then after a hard day’s work you’ll need to locate and hack a laptop before ducking through extra security cameras and guards to head to those lasers we talked about.