Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo 2016: A look at C2E2 gaming


Another (almost) year has passed since the 2015 Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, and this past weekend ushered in its 2016 successor. We didn’t have much to cover in the way of gaming last year, but this year brings a new hope. So how was gaming represented at this year’s C2E2?

C2e2 2016

IPG (I Play Games), Chicago’s go to for gaming entertainment, held numerous tournaments for attendees to participate in against their friends or complete strangers. We watched Mario Kart 64 and Super Smash Bros. Melee tournaments Friday and Saturday with Street Fighter V sprinkled in both days. All ranges of skill were represented: some new faces and others whom IPG could talk extensively of their gaming prowess. Those who advanced throughout the Street Fighter V Tournament got a chance to show off their moves on TwitchTV, albeit with some painful technical issues. Twitch couldn’t give the players a direct feed to their on stage monitors, so every move had brief delay. In a game where reflexes are key, it was pretty frustrating to watch talented players handicapped on a live feed. Kudos to those who kept with it during the difficulties.

C2e2 2016 Mario Kart

Mad drifting going on in Mario Kart 64

Twitch was showing off a couple of games all weekend. The guys from the Japan Time Live Super Smash podcast got up on stage and played a couple rounds of Smash Bros. Wii U. Developer/Publisher/Techies Iron Galaxy were there promoting some of their party games like Videoball and Capsule Force. Videoball is a great four-player party game that might be worth setting up at your next get together when it releases. We’re currently trying to follow up with Iron Galaxy about the release date.

C2e2 2016 twitch

IPG was the beacon of the show floor for gaming. They had numerous tube TV’s set up with most systems from the old school NES and SNES to the Xbox One and Wii U. An awesome spectacle was the release of Pokken Tournament on Friday, March 18th, that we all got to see played for the first time. The release date escaped us, but that’s a great surprise/realization. Or how shall I put it… “Andrew, what’s that Pokemon fighting game over there? It looks pretty cool.”

C2e2 2016 Pokken

Some Pokken Tournament and a Charmander for effect

A few video game vendors, like Dial Up Games & Toys, were on sight hawking their rare wares. One cabinet was well over $3,000, with sealed copies of Super Mario 3 and Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers 2 for NES for sale. Unopened Nintendo 64 and Sega Dreamcast systems. POWERSTONE was playing on the floor! I’m sure collector’s were impressed with some (if not all) of what these guys had to offer.

C2e2 2016 display 1

There were some Legend of Zelda sealed NES cartridges there, too

Plenty of cosplayers were in attendance (obviously) and videogames were well represented in this category. Hopefully we will be able to post some great pictures soon of some great costumes. It’s amazingly hard work to pull some of those characters and I always enjoy seeing some of my favorites represented.

And just like that, the con was over. We return to our normal lives, waiting for next year. April 21-23, 2017 to be precise.