First Elusive Target for Hitman delayed, but new Escalations make up for it


When Io Interactive promised interim content between Hitman episodic releases, it was the Elusive Target events that seemed to achieve more prominence than the Escalation contracts. However, while we had two Escalation contracts added to the game last week, and two more this week, the first Elusive Target live content has been delayed.

Elusive Target missions feature custom created targets placed into the existing gameworld for a limited time only and must be taken out without showing up on maps or instinct abilities. As we’ve seen with Escalation contracts, Elusive Target missions are save-disabled – if you mess up, you mess up and that’s your lot. Using clues from a briefing video and a photograph, players will have to track their target, visually identify them, and learn their patterns of behaviour in order to execute them successfully. We’ll have to wait for all that however, as the mission will now take place closer to the second episode’s release in April.

Nevertheless, IO Interactive have been hot off the press with their Escalation Contracts, which are becoming a weekly event. The Osterman Mosaic was released today, tasking 47 with assassination by sabre before having to quickly hide the bodies, dodge some heightened security, and take care of an additional target. The Gemini Fiasco on the other hand is vaguely detailed by IO Interactive as requiring “poison and a good knowledge of… security cameras”.