Chronos releases for Oculus Rift


Adventure RPG title Chronos from developer Gunfire Games found a home in the Oculus Rift library yesterday. The game promises to deliver an experience that draws on the potential of Oculus Rift to immerse players in a rich fantasy world that brings together the thrill of adventure with engaging RPG features.

Chronos brings to VR the classic story of a hero on a quest to protect his home from the dangers that threaten it. To fend off this evil, the hero must navigate an ancient and mysterious labyrinth that opens only once a year. Each time the hero falls victim to the dangers within, he is cast out of the labyrinth.


Steadfast in his mission to defend his home, the hero must then wait a full year before re-entering the labyrinth. Players face the challenge of adjusting to their character’s increased age and the associated strengths and weaknesses that time brings after each failure in the labyrinth.


Chronos promises to take full advantage of its VR medium by offering an immersive experience that will encourage players to look around and enjoy the beautiful fantasy world that the game presents. “One of the cool things about VR is that you’re just in this world, enjoying it, looking around and doing stuff, and with Chronos we want to encourage people to stop, look around, think and enjoy themselves,” said David Adams, President of Gunfire Games.

Take in the sights with Chronos for $49.99 in the Oculus store or get a taste for free at the game’s official website.