Unravel free trial available from today


Yearning for yarn-based adventures? Overdosed on Kirby or Yoshi stringy capers this Easter, and looking to give your Nintendo systems a breather? EA has you covered with a trial version of its popular physics-focused puzzler/platformer, Unravel.




Unravel follows spindly ragdoll Yarny as he navigates a variety of different environments in Northern Scandinavia, taking in the gorgeous surroundings while dodging all manner of environmental hazards. Yarny’s story is one of a family frayed and memories of days gone by – it remains for the player to see whether the conclusion is just as warm and fuzzy as the story’s protagonist. As with recent indie game Dropsy, all of the story is told via actions rather than words (unlike the stylistically similar Little Big Planet games, which are famously bolstered by Stephen Fry’s booming baritone).


EA’s free trial for the game covers the first level, “Thistles and Weeds”; it is capped at 10 hours for the Xbox One and Origin™ for PC versions of the game, while access via PlayStation 4 is unlimited. Should you enjoy this woolly wonder, the full game is available via the relevant retailers for 19.99 USD.