Dreadbit announces Seraph!



From above, the Heavens send down rain to wash the sins of evil… a rain of bullets that is. Say hello to Seraph folks, a high-flying acrobatic shooter adventure. Play as the titular character as she battles her way through a demon-infested prison for her freedom and the recovery of her lost power.

Dark magic has bound the angelic heroine to a human Vessel, whose life is now in her hands. In this game, players focus more on acrobatic evasion with the games remarkable freedom of movement as opposed to aiming, as the dual wielded weapons are auto-aimed at targets.


With in-depth Skill trees and Demonic crafting system that allows players to earn new weapons, abilities, and spells, we can expect high replay value in this explosive shooter.

Catch Seraph at EGX Rezzed April 7th-9th. This heavenly shoot ’em up will be soon released on Steam and the PS4.