New Hitman (2016) episode and update on the horizon


Hitman (2016) is making a return on the 26th April with the 2nd out of 7 episodes, and the new addition to the murderous adventure looks curiously like a peaceful getaway to a tropical island. However, if we know anything about our favourite baldy with a barcode tattooed on the back of his head, the tone won’t stay peaceful for long – or maybe from the looks of things, Agent 47’s next hit will be on an inflatable crocodile?

Hitman (2016), for the uninitiated, is Square Enix’s new venture in the revamped Hitman series, with the franchise being no stranger to reinventions (see Hitman Go). The episodes of Hitman (2016) will be released monthly, with a retail release scheduled for January 2017; this is in the style of the Telltale series and (more similarly) Resident Evil: Revelations 2. Those who buy the game at full price will simply have the episodes delivered to their system free of charge on the release day; however, those who bought the “Intro” pack will have to shell out extra cash on the release of new episodes.


Alongside the new episode, those playing the game on PC will be treated to a range of updates, with respective patches coming to the console versions (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) soon. These updates include an array of improvements and additions to the core game as it stands. There will be a new set of challenges, namely those linked to the new Vampire Magician Challenge pack (requiring that the new items be worn during certain assassinations); furthermore, a bug affecting items from the Requiem pack has been fixed. Other issues with connectivity on servers, general crashes and scoring errors have been sorted, as well as adjustments having been made to accommodate complaints about loading times. Overall, Square Enix have promised previous and future Hitman (2016) players a more stable and varied experience following this update, as is to be expected with an experimental game on this scale.

Fans of the series should keep their eyes peeled for further news regarding Episode 3 in approximately one month’s time.