EA E3 event recap


EA just finished their E3 press conference. Here is what they announced.


Titanfall 2: There will be a offline single player campaign, release date is October 28th. Here are both their single play and multiplayer trailers:

Madden 17They didn’t talk much about it, just showed a new trailer:


Mass Effect Andromeda: Bioware is promising a lot of freedom in this fourth installment. They didn’t bring gameplay (sad face) but showed a behind the scenes video and say more info will be revealed in the fall.


FIFA 17:

FE: Based on the success of Unraveled last year EA is launching a new program called EA Originals to help smaller games with funding and a platform. FE is the first title from this new initiative:

Star Wars: We are getting a new Battlefront game in 2017. That game will include new things from the new movies. Visceral Studios Game will be out in 2018. No other information was given. Finally Respawn’s game will be out in 2019 and looks to be lightsaber based. EA did give a video showing all the projects currently in development:

Battlefield 1: I believe EA saved the best for last. The gameplay video looks great and is definitely the kind of shake up of these war based videogames that is needed. Out October 21st.

That is it for now. I will see you later with a recap from the Bethesda event.