Bethesda E3 event recap


Bethesda just finished their showcase and boy did they have stuff to bring.


Quake Champions: Yes, you are reading that correctly, Quake is back!!! Hot off the success of bringing back Doom, ID software is at it again. This game is going to be arena multiplayer focused. They have only announced PC as a playable platform. They want the gameplay to be very fast. They are targeting 120 fps as the baseline.

Elder Scrolls Legends: New trailer for the digital card game. Coming later this year:

Bethesda Games studios made a bunch of announcements. First they showed off three new dlc packs for Fallout 4, including a major new expansion called NukaWorld. Lastly Skyrim is getting a special edition for Xbox One and PS4. This edition will bring improved graphics as well as mods to both systems. Since Skyrim has had a bunch of fun mods since its release in 2011 this could be great fun for the consoles. Here is a video showing all the things they announced:

Prey: Rumored for quite some time, tonight we get the official announcement. From Dishonored studio Arkane, they have been working on this for a while in addition to Dishonored 2:

Bethesda also took the time to announce they are working on VR games. The major project is Fallout 4 coming to the HTC Vive next year. They also have a Doom demo on the E3 floor but nothing to announce on a home release for that title.

Dishonored 2: They showed off lots of gameplay. Looks great; check out the video below. Coming November 11th.