Rise of mobile gaming


The landscape of the gaming market, especially that of the online gaming market, has changed significantly over the past few years. By that, we don’t only refer to the fact that there are more popular game sequels and verticals than ever, but also to the fact that gaming is simply much more accessible. Tablet and mobile gaming have seen tremendous increases in market share penetration in the last 5 years, and that’s a trend we don’t see falling off any time soon.

Developers have long since realized this, and have spent a lot of time, effort and resources in developing high-quality online games, as well as optimizing existing games that had previously only been available on desktop or gaming consoles. The result is obvious, you can’t turn your head in a public place without seeing someone playing on their mobile phone.

Mobile Gaming 01

Statistics show that there are about 1.6 million Android apps available, and roughly 1.5 million in the Apple App Store, and a vast majority of these apps are games. The online casino industry was also quick to realize the potential of mobile gaming, and operators nowadays use a variety of techniques in order to attract customers, including lucrative bonuses and promotions. Here you’ll find the latest no deposit bonus codes for mobile casinos.

At first some people were skeptical about the potential and scope of mobile gaming and thought that it had no future, or that its potential was limited at best, but reality has shown them otherwise. It is no secret that we all enjoy spending time on our tablets and smartphones. Let’s face it, it’s convenient and practical, and more importantly we always have them with us.

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Freemium games

There are all different kinds and genres of mobile games. Games can be either bought, or downloaded and played for free. Until recently, there was a sharp distinction between these two concepts. Nowadays, we have what is known as Freemium games. In the past, free demo versions of games were often released. These games usually had only one level, or only a limited number of options, and were aimed at convincing the player to buy the game. A Freemium model is a little different – you can download a Freemium game at no cost (it’s “free”) and you can usually play it for as long as you like. However, there are certain features of the game which can be unlocked only if you pay a certain amount of money. Often, these so called in-game purchases give you access to unique items or skills, depending on the game in question.

Mobile game genres

In terms of genres, there isn’t a big difference between mobile and conventional games, but a genre that might be popular on desktops or consoles may be unpopular on mobile devices or vice-versa. Sports games have always been popular, especially with the younger demographic. Some mobile sports games are designed to resemble real sports, and you get to control a team or a player, whereas others are more virtual, or focused on only one aspect of the game.

Strategy is a genre that was initially thought to be unsuitable for mobile devices. Not so the case. Some of the highest grossing mobile games are strategy-based. MMORPGs are particularly popular. Some of the most popular MMORPGs are played by millions of players. Traditional RPGs on the other hand, don’t seem to be very popular on mobile devices.

Adventure games are similar to action games, but may be slightly slower-paced. Here, the emphasis tends to be not on your ability to react, but rather on your ability to solve puzzles. Advancements in graphics capabilities and better mobile processors have greatly improved the standing of these types of games on mobile devices and tablets.

Card games, casual games, and puzzle games, which are simpler than adventure games, are often grouped together. By simple, we mean they tend to not have a particularly complex storyline or plot. Despite that, statistics show that this genre was by far the most popular in the US in 2015, and that more than a 35% of the people that were surveyed stated that they most commonly play these types of games.