Sony E3 recap


Sony wasted no time last night hitting the ground running with announcements. Let’s recap all the hot news and videos.


God of War: What a way to open a show! Kratos is back but this time in a reboot set in the world of Norse Mythology.


Days Gone: After being silent for a while Sony Bend is back with a new IP for the PS4. This game looks like a cross between Sons of Anarchy and The Last of Us (sure, why not). Trailer below with a gameplay demo below that.


Last Guardian: Finally has a release date. October 25th.

Horizon Zero Dawn: New demo showed off which looked amazing. Are we sure this is by the Killzone Team?


Detroit: Become Human: Just like in every other Quantic Dream game your choices shape the story. The gameplay does look good though.


Resident Evil VII: Going back to its more horror roots. Fully playable in VR.

Sony then went into a whole VR showcase. The PSVR release date is October 13th and will have 50 games between the launch date and end of the year. Here are the trailers of the VR games they showed.


Call of Duty: Demo looked great. Modern Warfare remaster coming 30 days early to PS4 with preorder.


Death Stranding: Kojima is back!!