Star Wars Battlefront Bespin expansion


Good news for Star Wars fans, as DICE has released the second Star Wars Battlefront expansion, Bespin. The invasion of the cloud city comes at the hands of TIE fighters, AT-AT walkers, and a dangerous squad of bounty hunters. This expansion comes with a handful of new weapons, heroes, item cards and game modes; so without further adieu let’s take a look.

First off, there are four different locations in this DLC all set in the city of Bespin. All of these maps feature iconic locations from the Star Wars movies like those white bleach hallways and crazy bridges. The development team focused intensely on making sure that the maps are as accurate to the lore as possible to help immerse the player.

Secondly, two new heroes are coming with this DLC. As I am sure you guessed, one of the heroes is the famous Lando Calrissian, while the other is the bounty hunter Dengar. Lando wields an X-8 Night Sniper (a new weapon which we will go over later).



Also, he has his Gambling trait which increases critical hit chance based on the number of enemies he has killed. Now Dengar uses a DLT-19 heavy blaster and his trait, Sturdiness, grants him more damage resistance depending on the number of enemies he kills.



The X-8 Night Sniper

The X-8 Night Sniper

The new weapons available in the DLC are the X-8 Night Sniper and the EE-4. The X-8 Night Sniper has good stats but stands out because it has a thermal vision scope which illuminates any humanoid in most weather and times of the day. The EE-4 is a variant on the EE-3; this gun features a shorter barrel for better engagement at short ranges with an increased rate of fire.

The EE-4

The EE-4


The disruption card fires an electronic wave which disables enemy blasters from cooling down.

Shock Card

The shock grenade is a non-lethal throwable weapon, which upon detonation, renders all enemies caught in the blast radius incapable of moving.

Shock Grenade

Finally, the Scout binoculars can highlight enemies and tag them for the rest of the team to see. Be warned, however, this effect only lasts for as long as you are zoomed in with your binoculars.

Scout Binoculars


Again, we have another fun fan favorite, the cloud car. This cloud car is a new addition to the vast array of vehicles players can pilot in the quest to save, or conquer, the galaxy.

Cloud Car


This is an exciting new game mode which will grant players a little more variety. Mostly, the Empire is using tractor beams to keep rebel ships from escaping Bespin via tractor beams. Numerous generators power these tractor beams that hold the ships captive. The first phase of the game has the rebels pushing through the Empire’s defences to plant charges on the generators to explode them. If successful, you move onto the next phase where the rebels must now defend an extraction point until the ships are prepared to leave.


In addition to all the new content mentioned above, the game also features numerous tweaks, updates, and other minor adjustments. The level cap receives a boost to 70 and new Hutt contracts. In summation, for fans of this videogame, this DLC comes chalk full of new and exciting content to keep your Battlefront experience fresh.