e-Sports – The future counterpart of the Olympic Games?


The ESL One Cologne or the 8th e-Sports World Championship held by the IeSF later this year are amazing examples of just how far gaming has made it as a sport. But although there are thousands of spectators in the arenas and millions following the events via live stream, e-Sports still has a long way to go before being recognized for what it is: a very intense, competitive and entertaining sport played by extremely talented people.

But (and there is always a “but” lurking around the corner!), in order to get the excitement and the joy out of e-sports, you need to understand the game. And that is exactly the heart of the matter.

If you would ask the headline question to a person who is born, let’s say, before 1970, you would probably not get an answer at all. e-Sports is simply not on their radar. And even people who love to play computer games would most probably have a quite difficult time grasping the extraordinary sportsmanship performed on the big scenes of these tournaments, especially if they are not familiar with the single games being played. Compared to the rules of basketball, tennis or soccer, any computer game, like League of Legends for instance, is tauntingly confusing and even visually difficult to follow if you have never played it.

TV-documentaries bring an inside view into e-sports!

Television documentaries like “All Work All Play” from 2015 or “Free to play” from 2014 are supposed to lead the viewer into the world of e-Sports, and not only those who are familiar with the topic, but actually those who are not. Where “All Work All Play” seems more like a massive self-praise of the Electronic Sports League and its programming director Michal “Carmac” Blicharz, the earlier documentary “Free to Play” focuses more on the professional gamers and their story. Hence, giving a closer and more personal view of the sport, this documentary is far more captivating and fun to watch.

On the upside, both movies transport the amazing atmosphere, vibes and excitement of the spectators during the live tournaments. Even if someone is not familiar with the game being played, just being part of this happening must be fantastic.

In October of this year, the 8th e-Sports World Championship hosted by the International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) is going to take off in Jakarta, Indonesia. At the moment, the ESL One Cologne in Germany is taking place – the finals are due on July 10th. All around the tournament, visitors will find many things to do!

The nightlife in Cologne is known to be spectacular, very open minded and always good to enjoy a flirt or two. Single gamers who feel like enjoying a night out with a beautiful German escort, can easily arrange a date via renowned escort agencies in Cologne. Anyway: Both e-Sport events are definitely worth a visit!

The future of e-Sports …

… will be grand! It is a fact that the world we live in is becoming more and more digital. Thus, it only seems to be a matter of time, till e-Sports will reach the same popularity level than regular sports or even exceed it. But it still has a long way to go. It might take another decade or two, until a professional e-Sport tournament will make international headlines. Money is always an issue. A sport has to be lucrative for the promoters, the marketing industry and of course for the players in order to get the support it needs. But things are looking good in this regard, too! Just to give you an idea: the first prize of the ESL-Tournament in Cologne is endowed with 1 million dollars! Up to now, the top players of the world have earned around 300.000 USD in the first half of 2016.