The most anticipated PlayStation games of 2016/2017


Sony is one of the largest companies in the world, and it has developed more than a few successful and popular products, but the PlayStation (the original and all subsequent editions) is definitely their most successful product line, as well as the most successful gaming console in the world.

The original PlayStation was the first console to sell over 100 million products, the PlayStation 2 is the best-selling console in history with more than 155 million sold, and the PlayStation 4 sold over 1 million in just the first 24 hours. Gaming has become increasingly important, and is one of the main sources of entertainment for quite a lot of people. It is by no means limited to only a younger demographic. In addition to conventional videogames, videogames for real money have become very popular, and hundreds of people from all over the world play casino games on their computers and phones.

Dozens of high quality games are released for the PlayStation every year, and there are a few promising games even on a monthly basis, each with a lot of variety. There are games that produce  a ton of hype. Sometimes that is justified, and on other occasions, the games simply don’t meet the expectations of gamers.

no man's sky

No Man’s Sky

Scheduled for release in the summer of 2016, No Man’s Sky is an authentic and original game based on a rather familiar theme- conquering new and unknown worlds. Some have compared it to Minecraft and in a sense, it is an open-end game with a lot of opportunities to explore. In it, the player can explore a multitude of custom planets with different live species living on them. The player can visit any planet with his spaceship and engage in communication and combat with its species. There is an unlimited number of things that can be done and it is expected that the game would be rather addictive. The game is the work of Hello Games, an independent game company based in Guilford, UK.

the last guardian

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian is definitely one of the most expected games this year. It is also one of the most delayed PlayStation games, with its release announced a number of times since 2007. It seems, however, that we will finally be able to get a feel for what it is all about in October, 2016. The game tells a story of an old man who is re-living the experience he had as a young boy when he met a large creature with feathers that is called Trico. The boy is kidnapped and doesn’t remember how he got into a big and lavish castle. The creature eventually accepts the boy and they both embark on an adventure together. The creator has already stated that the story has an open end.


FIFA 2017

FIFA is a classic and there isn’t a version of this game that wasn’t awaited by players who turn out in great numbers on the day it is released or even pre-order it, just to make sure that they will be able to enjoy the magic of football as soon as possible. FIFA 2017 is scheduled for release on September, 2016. Facing serious competition from Konami and their Pro Evolution Soccer, it is more than clear that Electronic Arts will do their best to create a game that will re-capture the hearts of all its admirers, and attract some new fans as well.

One thing that gamers can expect from the new FIFA is improved, smoother passing. They can also expect more realistic animations that will certainly make the game more playable. So far, speed has been the most important attribute a player can have in many of the previous versions of FIFA. Playing with the team that has the fastest players might win a lot of games, but it certainly doesn’t make the game very realistic. Last but not least, managers could be included in FIFA, and that would make the game – especially the career mode – a lot more interesting.

call of duty - infinite warfare

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Call of Duty is probably the most popular first-person shooter franchise and, in general, one of the most successful franchises in gaming history. So whenever there’s a new release, gamers are excited. Even though it wasn’t initially developed for the PS, a lot of PS owners are enjoying playing one or more of the Call of Duty sequels. Infinite Warfare takes place in outer space, and a lot of new elements and game mechanics are expected to be introduced. Most notably, the players will get a chance to fight in a zero gravity environment and that is sure expected to be more than thrilling. Space combat will the crucial element in the game, where players take control of Captain Nick Reyes. The game will also include several multiplayer modes.