Insane trends you need to know to stay tuned for the rest of 2016


Games have become a huge part of our society over past years. They are no longer toys for children. The narrative, storytelling, soundtracks and graphics empower insane experiences.

We have now come to the point when a game – once beaten – leaves you empty inside. You are hungry for more.

Mafia, the Bioshock series or the Witcher 3 are all fine examples of digital masterpieces. But neither of them is meant for kids.

So who on earth is playing them?

Let’s get on with amazing stats from the start.

Games based on real money slots and casino-like apps own the lion’s share of the industry. Thus, one can hardly call playing these apps gaming. But for the real gamers the numbers are the following:

  • 48% of females enjoy gaming and play on a regular basis;
  • Only 50% of males are players. Wow, there is only a 2% difference!

Let this thought toggle with your mind for a bit. And, believe it or not, game developers knew the big picture all along. Thus some of last year’s largest blockbusters included female leads. Just think of Fallout 4, Syndicate or Tomb Rider. There are plenty more to come.

It’s official – female gamers are a trend!

YouTube gaming

Yes, it’s also a thing. And a big one. We live in a world where funny cat videos are far from being mainstream! But here’s a shocker: it’s not just kids playing around.

  • 6% of YouTube gamers are older than 35;
  • 30% of them are ladies;
  • 47% of them have children!

Viewer diversity is also a thing. People at the age of 18-54 watch game streams. Just imagine your dad shouting Overwatch jokes into the headset.

Mobile Gaming rises!

No longer is the PC Master Race surrounded with only X-Box and PlayStation peasants (or so they believe). We have a new race of hardcore gamers – mobile players.

The industry is now worth more than $54 billion! The target audience is as diverse as ever with age groups of 18-25, 26-34 and 35-44 having the biggest impact. In fact, 68% of questioned participants spend at least 1 hour on their tablets every single day. 37% of iPhone owners play on a daily basis.

Such judgment is fair enough. Plenty of mobile games today have a fantastic story to tell. Audio, video and gameplay are convenient enough to even enjoy a FPS.

Here are several examples, just to name a few:

  • Modern Combat;
  • Dead Trigger 2;
  • Nova 3;
  • Unkilled;
  • Fields of Battle;
  • Call of Duty: Strike Team.

The list can go on and on, as it is important to realize that mobile gaming is an actual thing in 2016.