Relive the golden age with new C64 Commpendium


Though I was a Spectrum man myself, many, many hours were spent next door at my best frenemies house, wasting away my childhood gaming on the Commodore 64. I have rose-tinted memories of Shift & Run-Stopping my way through many 8-bit adventures, with Impossible: Mission being the most indelible memory of the C64’s wonderful library of games. You may have similar memories to these. If so, well, I share your pain of being old, brother.


This aforementioned library of software is showcased in this snazzy new release, published by Bitmap Books. An expanded edition to the 2014 original; Commodore 64: A Visual Commpendium (sic) is a hardback tome that features nearly 500 pages of screenshots, artwork, reviews and trivia for hundreds upon hundreds of games. Beautifully presented with full-page colour images and crammed with an abundance of games from the golden age of computing, it’s sure to tweak the nostalgia strings for anyone who remembers waiting ten minutes for a game to load (an experience that’s back in vogue courtesy of the PS4).


Definitely worth a look for gamers of a certain age, or anyone who loves to learn about the humble history of our favourite pastime.

Commodore 64: A Visual Commpendium is available now at (worldwide shipping available).