Ubisoft Announces Rocksmith 2014 Edition – Remastered


Ah, Rocksmith.

For when a plucky young novice guitarist thinks “Oh boy, I love The Trooper! This game will totally let me play Iron Maiden like a badass!” and then the calluses on her fingers split open after about two straight hours of attempting to play the damn thing.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Rocksmith in the past, it’s a far cry from the likes of Rockband and Guitar Hero. First, you use an actual guitar, not a little plastic guitar with colourful Simon Says buttons. Second, you actually learn the guitar? Waaaahh?


Not only does Rocksmith provide songs to play and learn using your own electric or bass guitar, but it also offers a wide variety of lessons on the basics and more difficult techniques that go along with guitar playing. Rocksmith claims to help anyone learn guitar in 60 days (with regular practice on the game) and having played it myself I wouldn’t necessarily make a claim like that with complete confidence, but it is an excellent supplement to regular in-person lessons and practice. As with games like Guitar Hero, Rocksmith offers an extensive range of DLC songs that has been added to many times since the initial release of the game.

Rocksmith was originally released by Ubisoft in 2011, then re-released in 2014 with the apt title Rocksmith 2014 Edition. I only recently picked up the 2014 edition and was initially annoyed when I heard the news that they were remastering the game so soon (ahem – two years after its initial release, five years if you count the first edition game) after I had purchased it. Ubisoft have just announced that Rocksmith 2014 Edition – Remastered will provide an updated and improved version of Rocksmith 2014 Edition on October 4th 2016. For new players the remastered edition will retail at $59.99 and be available on PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC and Mac. There will be a customisable learning curve, expanded practice tools, improved menus and many more additional features added or upgraded in the remaster.


Rocksmith 2014 Edition – Remastered will have more than 50 tracks on disc (due in part to the existing library from Rocksmith and Rocksmith 2014) and over 800 DLC songs available for purchase with new content added each week after the re-release. Newcomers to the game will receive six new bonus downloadable songs from a wide variety of genres for free:

Bob Marley & The Wailers – Three Little Birds
Elvis Presley – Suspicious Minds
FUN – Some Nights
Jackson Five – I Want You Back
Outkast – Hey Ya!
Train – Drops of Jupiter

But going back to my other point – as a current owner of the game, I’m actually not mad at all because I get all of the updates and upgrades in a neat little patch on the release date! Furthermore, the six new bonus DLC songs mentioned above will be available for purchase seperately for existing owners, so it’s not like we’re locked out of having them entirely.

Speaking as a fledgling guitarist and pleased owner of Rocksmith 2014 Edition, I’ll be interested to see how gameplay is improved in the new patch.