Danish VR Game Studio releases Kittypocalypse


Animated GIF of Kittypocalypse GameplayBolvërk Games, a Denmark-based VR Games Studio, recently released their first game for Oculus Rift via Steam- Kittypocalypse.

Kittypocalypse is, as Scott Hayden of Road to VR describes it, “a first person tower defense game… that wants to liven up some pretty well-trodden territory”. The kitties in question are actually evil aliens in disguise attempting to take over the planet.

Reviews of the initial Oculus launch and from Steam users have been largely positive. The outstanding criticisms seem to be that gameplay is a bit buggy- there have been 6 patches released since the initial launch on August 16, so the studio seems to be responding well to that feedback- and that Kittypocalypse is a bit short for people that are already familiar with strategic tower defense games.

Bolvërk’s initial press release boasted of “fine-tuned difficulty progression which eases in new players, but culminates in the ultimate challenge”, with 15 unique islands to defend. One developer responded to a negative review on Steam:

“It seems like you only played the first few maps, which I personally feel is a shame. The gameplay is quite deep with more than 50 upgrades and a whole assortment of kitty armors, and quite massively large levels (more than 500 kittys[sic] running at any one time).”

Certainly, it is clear that Bolvërk is proud of their game, working hard to ensure that the game experience is not lessened by software failures, and is excited for more people to try Kittypocalypse. One thing everyone can agree on is that while this first version may not offer a lot of novelty in terms of gameplay, the kitty/alien hybrids are definitely unique- and hilarious!

Animated GIF of Kittypocalypse Gameplay

You can find out more about Kittypocalypse on their website or download it from Steam.