Nintendo New 3DS XL gets a cosmic facelift


Fresh out of the cosmos comes a newly themed Nintendo New 3DS XL console. It is simply and perfectly called the Galaxy style console and I am so loving it guys. A bit of unnecessary backstory on my part, but, I have been smitten with galaxy print things way before it was popular. The idea of space exploration and to boldly go where no man has gone before has always been fascinating to me. If only we lived farther in the future and I was better at math, you know I’d be living a real Mass Effect or Star Trek life. But I digress. . .

Anyways, this lovely little handheld isn’t just a pretty face as it also includes some new features and hardware. Face-tracking 3D allows the player a range of motion that wasn’t as easily done before with the older 3D tech. Utilizing the inner camera, the system will automatically adjust to where your face is moving  so you don’t have to crane your neck for that perfect 3D effect while playing Mario Kart 7 in bed.

There’s also a couple new buttons to play around with such as the C stick and ZL and ZR buttons. We currently know that the C stick can be used in some games to control the in-game camera however not much is known on the ZL and ZR buttons. I think it’s safe to say though that they’ll act much like the L2 and R2 buttons much like on PlayStation controllers. For those interested, there will be built-in amiibo support so you can waste money purchase amiibos sold separately for more content and character customization.

To round out the improvements are faster processing power, easy data sharing between your system’s micro SDHC card and computer via a wireless network, and simple transfers of game/system data if you’re upgrading your system. Nintendo New 3DS XL will also play all previous DSi, 3DS, and DS titles. The only bummer is that it doesn’t come with the AC adapter but if you’re just upgrading your system that shouldn’t really be a problem at all.

The system will come in at a decent $200 price available for pre-order at most retailers and can be purchased from Amazon now. Is it worth it? If you want the upgrades or love galaxy print, I’d go with a strong heck yes. If you don’t care about those things much, I’d say no. Check the announcement video out here.