Inferno Climber has launched on Steam!


In a world plagued in darkness and despair, a brave soul arises! From Arc System Works, the developers behind the Guilty Gear and BlazBlue series, comes Inferno Climber, Steam’s newest survival action-RPG.


Battle the Dragon King!

Welcome to Inferno – a vast and uncharted land where, long ago, five powerful Purgatory stones were separated amongst five kingdoms to maintain balance within the lands. As terrible twist of fate, those Purgatory stones had soon fallen into the wrong hands and plunged the kingdoms into one-hundred years of terror untold. That is until a brave soul makes a pact with Death itself and sets out to return peace to Inferno.

Players choose between eight playable characters as their protagonist:

  • The Young Warrior
  • The Royal Knight
  • The Forest Hunter
  • The Legendary Mage
  • The Renowned Priest
  • The Popular Merchant
  • The Innocent Prisoner
  • The Nameless One

While traversing the unknown land of Inferno, in search of the Purgatory stones, players can manage their food and items to ensure the survival of the world, rack up on over 400 unique items to improve their stats, and discover secret paths while attempting to avoid hidden traps.


Purchase Inferno Climber on Steam now for $29.99 and receive a 10% launch discount.

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