Lead designer of World of Warcraft launching new game development studio



Former lead designer of the genre-defining MMO World of Warcraft and former Chief Creative Officer of Blizzard Entertainment, Rob Pardo, has announced that he is now the CEO of a brand new game development studio titled Bonfire Studios. Pardo and Bonfire games have already partnered with big names such as Riot Games to lock in over $25 million in investments.

In a post explaining how Bonfire Studios came to be, Pardo explains how game development is full of give and take when it comes to either working on blockbusters or making a deep, personal impact with small indie projects. He goes on to state “the bonfire is a metaphor for the experiences we wish to create. We want friends to connect through our games and share amazing experiences, tell the stories, and come closer together.”

Bonfire currently has no officially announced games in the works, but Pardo has stated that the way Bonfire will approach the development process is to “[organize] them into small but powerful and diverse superhero teams, like the Avengers. We believe you can create epic games with small teams of talented, self-driven game developers”. Bonfire Studios is currently accepting resumes here.